NVIDIA Showcase: mastering Titanfall 2’s Northstar and Ronin

Titanfall 2

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Previously on Nvidia Showcase, we provided a video on best practices for smashing foes to bits as two of Titanfall 2’s powerful new Titans: the Ogre-class, incendiary weapon wielding Scorch and the Atlas-class, destructive directed-energy equipped Ion.

In this new follow up video, we provide more tactical advice for getting the most out of two additional Stryder-class Titans. The video below covers the sword swinging Ronin and the flight-capable Northstar.

Guide to Playing Northstar and Ronin

While Titanfall 2 can run on your PC if it meets the minimum requirements (Nvidia GeForce GTX 660), to really get the best possible graphical detail and performance you’ll want a system armed with a GTX 1060 for stunning 1920×1080 gaming. If you want to crank up your specs to enable ultra settings in Titanfall 2, however, a GTX 1080 will get you 3840×2160 visuals.

The recently revamped GeForce Experience will also ensure you have the latest Game Ready drivers you’ll need for the game.

Titanfall 2 is now available to download on PC via Origin.

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