Nvidia Showcase: Rainbow Six Siege Marks the Tactical Shooter Series’ Return to Glory

Nvidia Rainbow Six

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It’s been seven years since we last got a Rainbow Six game. Big, bombastic shooters like Call of Duty have dominated since, so it’s time for an alternative. Tactical, squad-based anti-terrorist action like Rainbow Six Siege requires both brains and brawn – and it could be just the change you’re looking for.

The game launches December 1, and there’s no better way to play it than on PC with GameWorks enhanced effects like HBAO+ and TXAA. If you want to take advantage of Rainbow Six Siege’s graphical might on PC, NVIDIA recommends you play the game with a GeForce GTX 960 for stunning 1920×1080 gaming. If you want bump up its visuals even further the GeForce GTX 970 is recommended for 2560×1440 visuals. Check out the full specs here!

Here’s how Rainbow Six got such a big reputation in the first place.

It’s hard

The original, 1998’s Rainbow Six, defined the tactical shooter genre. Rather than just chucking you into a corridor with increasingly large guns, Rainbow Six gave you squads and equipment to select, maps to examine, checkpoints to hit and tactics to decide. It gave you intel on known enemy positions and strengths. It made you think.

In short, it was clever.

It’s back on track

For 2005’s Rainbow Six Lockdown, the tactical elements that defined the series were scaled right back. The mission planning stages disappeared, and you could no longer control any member of your squad. As with most shooters, you were just one man – in this case, series stalwart Ding Chavez.

Wisely, Rainbow Six Siege takes the series back to its roots. Planning, intel, customizable weapon loadouts and controllable squads are all back in your hands, with greater power and detail than ever.

It’s a natural online experience

Rainbow Six went big with multiplayer from the very first game, and its squad-based, terrorist-hunting nature makes it a perfect fit for tense, imaginative matches. Siege is all-but multiplayer only, though it does include 11 single-player ‘Scenarios’ for learning the maps.

Siege arrives with four new maps (11 total) and 20 characters, with more to come – each of 2016’s four expansions will include a map and two operatives. All new maps are free. Ubisoft has a team of around 80 working on the game post-release, so support is strong and new developments will be regular.

It boasts quality writing

Tom Clancy may be no longer with us, but his 17 novels are — as are more than 40 Tom Clancy games. That’s a lot of ground covered, and a lot of time for the author to develop the story. Just the fact that main-man Domingo ‘Ding’ Chavez isn’t your standard shaven-headed American brat called Brody Maverick or Wolf Knucklebro tells you a lot, as does the nature of your enemies.

These aren’t your basic fundamentalists wanting to rule the world. The Rainbow Six team has taken on enemies responsible for ebola in the Brazilian jungle, the mafia in Russia, nukes in Norway, Nazis in Argentina, rockets in Dagestan, nano-tech viruses in Menorca, bomb-ships off Southampton, micro-pulse bombs in the Nevada Dam and chemical weapons in Vegas. It’s sharp stuff.

So don’t miss out. You can score a free copy of Rainbow Six Siege on PC for a limited time by purchasing a qualifying GeForce GTX GPU as part of NVIDIA’s Bullets or Blades bundle.