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NVIDIA Showcase: the next-gen NVIDIA tech bolstering Titanfall 2 on PC

Nvidia Showcase Titanfall 2

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EA and Respawn Entertainment’s hotly anticipated blockbuster sequel, Titanfall 2, has arrived and the PC edition boasts a slew of high-end visual features that take advantage of modern gaming hardware.

Titanfall 2 on PC packs highly detailed Titans, environments and action that is enhanced by NVIDIA technologies including G-SYNC, DSR, MFAA, Surround, NVIDIA HBAO+ Ambient Occlusion shadowing, and more. More than 15 in-game customizable settings can be tweaked, too, including VSync, refresh rates, FOV, dynamic spot shadows, model detail, sun shadow detail and texture filtering among others.

Titanfall 2 on PC also offers an uncapped framerate of up to 144 FPS, fully remappable key bindings, gamepad support, cloud-supported save files, individual localization of sound files (to reduce the game’s download and install size), and PC Anti-Cheat technology.

Titanfall 2 introduces Networks, which allows players to invite friends into a shared room, and the game will then group you together with them automatically to seek out the action.

Due to NVIDIA working closely with Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment, you can expect Titanfall 2 to run extremely smooth with high framerates. If you’d like to max out all the graphics settings at 4K resolution and still reach 60 FPS, the GTX 1080 is able to handle that duty.

Titanfall 2 still looks and plays smoothly at lower resolutions too, and a GTX 1060 will get you a 1920×1080 resolution at 60 FPS. For more info in regard to performance, take a look at this 4K 60 FPS multiplayer PC gameplay & PC system requirements article, as well as the 4K 60 FPS single-player feature.