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Nvidia GPU names are still confusing, thanks to Ti debate

Even the green team isn't sure how to say "Ti", as the company swaps between Nvidia GPU pronunciations at its Computex keynote event

Nvidia GPU: RTX 3090 Ti with a bow tie on green backdrop

Nvidia GPU naming conventions can be a touch confusing, but it looks like the green team is struggling with its own Ti terminology. While gaming PC enthusiasts will often argue about the pronunciation of the best graphics card variant, the company seems to be playing devil’s advocate with the branding. Confused? So are we.

The Nvidia GPU confusion reared its head during Nvidia’s Keynote at Computex, with senior vice president Jeff Fisher stepping in to discuss GeForce-powered laptops. With a singular sentence, Fisher added an extra layer to the age-old question of how to say ‘Ti’ by mixing up his pronunciation. Specifically, the vice president says RTX 3080 “Tie” and RTX 3070 “tee eye” in a single breath, ultimately crushing any sense of graphics card name clarity.

So, what does Nvidia ‘Ti’ actually mean? Well, the company says it stands for “Titanium”, which is why it’s often pronounced “tee eye”. However, looking back on historical green team GPU unveilings suggests the company has been mixing up its terms from the get-go, with announcers switching things up while launching the GTX 560 Ti and 660 Ti. In other words, it seems like individuals within the firm can’t agree on what to call the graphics card class, and they’ve still not sat down to work it out.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll struggle to sleep at night, endlessly pondering how to pronounce the GPU high spec moniker. Perhaps the graphics card giant will make a blanket decision by the time RTX 4000 Ti options arrive.

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That said, at least both pronunciations are catchier than other tech industry labels, as alphanumeric gaming monitor model numbers don’t exactly roll off the tongue.