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Nvidia DLSS 3.7 update arrives with more upscaling options

Nvidia Deep Learning Super Sampling 3.7.0 is now available and appears to improve upscaled image quality in games, particularly in motion.

Nvidia DLSS key art, featuring a black sports car, on a green track

Features like Frame Generation and Ray Reconstruction have tended to define major Nvidia DLSS updates, complete with large amounts of fanfare, but other updates arrive regularly too only with far less pomp. DLSS 3.7 is one such stealthy update, with early reports suggesting it could greatly improve upscaling quality thanks to a new preset.

Despite Nvidia DLSS only being on the scene for the past five years, it’s hard to imagine what the best graphics cards in the GeForce lineup would look like without it. After all, even the mighty RTX 4090 needs a hand with ray tracing at 4K in more demanding games.

As part of the latest version of its Streamline SDK, used by developers to more easily add upscalers like DLSS and FSR to their games, Nvidia has included updated versions of its Super Resolution and Frame Generation features. The most notable change, however, comes to the upscaler, which now rocks a new preset.

This preset refers to the render preset, or model, that developers can choose to use in their games, rather than the quality options we’re used to seeing in graphics menus. Dubbed ‘Eager Donkey’, this is now the default selection for titles using DLSS 3.7.0, and early testing indicates it could be a large improvement.

Reddit user Yakumo_unr claims that injecting the DLSS 3.7.0 dll files into Horizon: Forbidden West nets average frame rates that are “quite a bit higher”, running the game on a GeForce RTX 4090, with its highest settings, at 1440p.

Better still, other users highlight that DLSS 3.7.0 has “the best motion clarity so far” with less noticeable smearing and artefacts. This isn’t limited to Forbidden West either, with reports of improvements to Watch Dogs: Legion too.

However, results will naturally vary given the lack of official developer input, with Cyberpunk 2077 reportedly running worse and Portal RTX freezing altogether using DLSS 3.7.0 in place of their existing dll files.

It’s unclear how quickly we can expect to see DLSS 3.7.0 pop up in games, but you can download the latest versions of DLSS and Frame Generation over on Github, if you fancy slapping the new dlls into games for yourself for now.

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