Nvidia GeForce RTX 5000 specs leak suggests huge CUDA core count boost

A Twitter leak suggests Nvidia's Blackwell GB202 GPU die will max out at nearly 25,000 CUDA cores, a potential 33 percent gain over the Nvidia RTX 4000 die.

New details have leaked for the Nvidia GeForce RTX 5000 series. Although we’ve got no reason to think the next generation will arrive any time soon, possible Nvidia GeForce RTX 5000 specs have appeared online, suggesting the Blackwell GPU architecture could see a big boost to its CUDA core count compared to the top Nvidia GeForce RTX 4000-series die.

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 5000 release date is rumored to arrive in 2025, according to an alleged internal Nvidia roadmap. Considering the current generation looks to have run its course, at least in terms of new launches, all eyes are on the future, and expectations are high for what Nvidia can pull out of the bag.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 5000 specs leak: a tweet from kopite7kimi showing leaked details of the Nvidia Blackwell GB202 die.

The new specs leak comes courtesy of reliable Nvidia leaker kopite7kimi, who states the flagship Blackwell GB202 GPU die, which will likely power a potential Nvidia GeForce RTX 5090, could boast 192 Streaming Multiprocessors (SMs). That translates to a monster 24,576 CUDA core count. Massive.

The die that powers Nvidia’s current flagship GeForce RTX 4090, ADA102, has 18,432 CUDA cores, meaning the RTX 5000-series die would see a 33 percent generational gain in CUDA cores if these leaks are correct. Of course, it’s important to note that even the RTX 4090 ‘only’ uses 16,384 of the 18,432 available, so even a possible RTX 5090 may not get the full 24,576 available from the GB202 die.

The RTX 5000-series could see similar improvements elsewhere, according to this specs leaks, with the Texture Processor Clusters (TPCs) allegedly increasing from 72 to 96, while Graphics Processing Clusters (GPCs) remain at 12, and the memory bandwidth increasing with a 512-bit bus.

Of course, you’ll have to wait for Nvidia to make an official announcement on the Nvidia GeForce RTX 5000-series specs before you know for sure. But if this leak is right, Nvidia is sure to be putting out some of the best graphics cards going when the next generation’s release date finally rolls round.