How GeForce Experience transforms sharing your gaming triumphs

GeForce Experience

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Sometimes winning isn’t enough. You know how good you are at your favourite games but it’s hard to resist letting everyone else know, too, and that can be tricky. There are so many streamers out there that it can be tough to even get your friends to watch your livestreams or gaming videos.

Thankfully, some major enhancements to GeForce Experience make it extremely easy to share your finest gaming exploits and show off your skills in ways that’ll grab everyone’s attention.

Rather than force people to sit through an hour of your latest Fortnite Battle Royale victories, with Nvidia Highlights you can gather a punchy collection of your greatest hits with virtually no effort. It automatically captures kills, deaths, and key events in supported games, so that when you quit after a long and intense session it takes a matter of minutes to review, edit, and share your best – and most entertaining – moments.

Once you’ve enabled Highlights and you’re playing a supported game, all your recorded clips will be there to choose from. To make life even easier, you can create custom settings for your games through the in-game overlay so that Highlights will only record the events you choose.

When you’re done, you can either save clips to your gallery or upload them to YouTube or Facebook, and with the latest version of GeForce Experience there’s now an option to share your Highlights as five to 15-second high-fidelity GIFs on Facebook, Google Photos, and Weibo.

The latest games to support Highlights include Fortnite Battle Royale, Tekken 7, PUBG, Dying Light: Bad Blood, and Escape From Tarkov, with plenty more coming in the near future.

Besides Highlights, GeForce Experience has another way for you to easily capture amazing in-game action: with Nvidia Ansel you can take stunning in-game photographs from any angle.

Once Ansel is activated it allows you to freeze the game and set up your shot like a pro photographer. You can move your camera anywhere you want, tilt it, and adjust the field of view to create the perfect composition. Before you take your shot you can also add filters, adjustments, and effects for the perfect Instagram look.

Once you have the perfect shot lined up, you can choose to save it at your desktop resolution, but if you’re out to impress you can also save at super resolutions from 4K upwards, and there’s even an option to export a full 3D version that can be viewed in VR. It’s lightyears ahead of pressing the screenshot key and hoping for the best.

There are over 40 games compatible with Nvidia Ansel, and it’s been recently announced that Star Wars Battlefront 2 is joining the fun, which means you should have plenty of opportunities to dazzle your friends with your artistic flair. And if you need the best way to show off your latest Ansel shots, Nvidia has just launched the perfect place to do it. Shot With GeForce is a new online gallery created especially for sharing Ansel in-game photos with ease.

Uploading your images to Shot With GeForce is simple. You can do it in just a few clicks from the GeForce Experience gallery, or if you prefer you can just log into the Shot With GeForce site with your Nvidia account and upload there. You can upload shots in standard or super resolutions, and if you really want to show off you can also upload 360-degree photospheres that can be viewed in VR. Shot With GeForce isn’t just a screenshot depository – it’s a digital gallery where you can enjoy stunningly detailed in-game shots captured by fellow gamers.

Once your pictures are uploaded to Shot With GeForce it couldn’t be easier to share them with the world. It takes just a couple of clicks to post them to Twitter, Facebook, or Weibo, and it’s just as easy to share other people’s work that you like the look of. By tagging @NVIDIAGeForce and including the hashtag #SHOTWITHGEFORCE you could win some amazing prizes from Nvidia including a Razer Blade Stealth laptop, a Razer Core V2 external GPU enclosure, and a Star Wars Nvidia Titan Xp Collector’s Edition graphics card.

So why keep your greatest gaming moments to yourself? With an Nvidia GeForce GTX GPU and GeForce Experienceit’s never been easier to show your achievements off to the world.