Alleged RTX 4090 Ti GPU cooler pops up and it’s ultra thicc

More images of the alleged RTX 40 series prototype have been leaked online and it's absolutely huge compared to other GPUs thanks to its quad-slot cooler.

An alleged Nvidia RTX 4090 Ti cooler (bottom) compared to another, much thinner, GPU (top)

Much as Nvidia is playing the existence of the RTX 4090 Ti close to its chest, if it truly exists at all, seemingly nothing can hold back its alleged enormous cooler. Recently leaked photos give us our best ever look at the impressively large heatsink and shroud, and it’s just as thicc as you might imagine.

This latest in leaked images of the alleged 4090 Ti prototype were posted on Twitter by user ExperteVallah, and are said to be sourced from Goofish, a second-hand market website for PC hardware.

The images show the rumored RTX 4090 Ti graphics card looking absolutely huge, with its quad-slot cooler. The massive size of this GPU is emphasized by the comparatively skinny Founders Edition next to it. These new photos line-up with the previously leaked images across social media, with both featuring the card’s distinctive PCIe power positioning.

As this is just the latest of a series of leaked images of the alleged RTX 4090 Ti prototype, many are speculating as to what they’re really depicting. ExperteVallah captions the two leaked images with, “Titan Ada?” but it’s unclear whether this is a Titan or RTX 4090 Ti GPU.

As with any leaked images, we can’t be certain if what we’re seeing here is entirely accurate. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see if a GPU with a quad-slot cooler that large hit the market any time in the future and take the best graphics card crown from the RTX 4090, the current champ.

Featured and body images credit: ExperteVallah