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See the mind-hacking cyberpunk horror of Observer, from the devs behind Layers of Fear


The next title from Layers of Fear developers Bloober Team (there’s an L in there, get your mind out of the gutter) has been shown off at E3 with ten minutes of gameplay. Titled Observer, it’s a cyberpunk survival-horror game with blood, guts, and neural hacking. Jacking into the mind of a dying man can reveal some horrible stuff.

There don’t seem to be any zombies in Observer, but if you want some, we’ve got a list of the best zombie games you can play. 

The game was first revealed at last year’s E3 and this new gameplay shows it’s coming along nicely. You’ll be playing a cop in futuristic Poland, where, as an Observer, you can solve crimes by jacking into and invading other people’s minds. Mind cop.

Similar to Layers of Fear, what you see in the game is going to be figments of imagination, brought on by both the Observer’s and his subject’s thoughts and fears. When they start walking into the light, what will the Observer see?

It’s a lot more varied than Layers of Fear, at least, with the memory jumping giving some opportunities to explore completely new locations and experiences that the protagonist wouldn’t have otherwise known.

The ending to the gameplay does show off some possibilities for the story, so if you’re the type who wants to analyse every frame, pay close attention at about the 10:15 mark. There’s almost certainly some story hints in there.

I just haven’t analysed it because, well, it’s scary.