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Obsidian are helping bring a Russian MMO to market. But how?


At the end of last month we heard that Obsidian were “involved” with a Russian MMO. I haven’t checked, but they’ve probably even changed their Facebook status to reflect that. We were naturally curious to find out what a headstrong single(player) developer was doing launching into an apparently long-term relationship with the Allods lot.

Well, now we know.

“We’re helping the developers in Russia assemble an American team to do the Westernised version of it,” RPG Hall of Famer Chris Avellone told Eurogamer at Rezzed last weekend.

“It’s not Obsidian’s staff that’s actually working on the game, but what we’re doing is we know developers in the area that are familiar with this type of game; we can help you assemble a team, give you office space to work on that, provide the IT support, give design advice if necessary.

“But, overall, we know people that can help you guys out, so we’ll assemble a small group at Obsidian to do it, and then we’ll just go from there.”

More of a localisation effort than anything else, then – I guess the thematic brilliance will stay in-house. Are you disappointed Obsidian aren’t branching into new shards of the RPG genre, or relieved to know that Avellone and co. can splurge the contents of their brains elsewhere? i.e. Project Eternity?