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Free games: Win a beta key for the Plants vs. Zombies creator’s world-smashing mutant game, Octogeddon!


If you watched Blue Planet II then you’ll know the octopus is a smart sea creature, capable of fitting into tight spaces and hiding in plain sight, either to avoid predators or catch its prey. It’s a great animal to base a videogame around, then. At least, that’s what George Fan – creator of Plants vs. Zombies – must have thought when creating his latest game, Octogeddon.

Octogeddon casts you as a giant mutant octopus. What’s mutant about it? Well, it can grow tentacles and turn them into deadly weapons made from the parts of other animals. One could be the head of a venomous snake, another the trunk of an elephant, or a crab’s pincer.

With this capability and its giant size, the octopus goes on a rampage against the world, intending to destroy everything in its way. That’s where you come in, using the game’s simple two-button control scheme to spin its tentacles around so that each obstacle is tackled by a tentacle fit to smash, crush, or otherwise obliterate it.

The idea is for Octogeddon to give you a bit of tactical play – especially against the bosses – but for it too mainly be a bit of a stress reliever. Smashing up cities has a certain catharsis to it that Fan and his team want you to have access to and enjoy.

While Octogeddon isn’t out until February 2018, we are able to give away eight Steam keys so our lucky winners can try the game out early, and get the full version when it is released. They will also receive The Art of Octogeddon, a big art book due to be released next summer, if they want it.

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