Oculus and EA among first members of VR superhero team, The Immersive Technology Alliance

the immersive technology alliance ita

Who will watch our streets, protecting our loved ones from those that would give us a poor virtual reality experience? Who will define technology standards so we don’t go from one headset to another and throw up everywhere? Who will share low latency technology tips to fledgeling VR companies? Yes, the Green Lantern, but besides him? The Immersive Technology Alliance, that’s who.

Oculus VR and EA are just a couple of the members of the The ITA, a group established to create technological standards across the industry. Other members include Epson, Virtuix, I’m in VR, Nanoveu, Gameface Labs, Vrelia, The University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Panasonic, Avegant, YEI Technology, and more.

The group existed as The Stereoscopic 3D Gaming Alliance since 2009 but it’s been renamed to mark the expansion of its mandate, the group now covers augmented reality technology, too. Like Jeri Ellsworth’s CastAR glasses. “In this rapidly expanding industry of augmented and virtual reality displays, and other immersive technologies, great communication and collaboration among technology leaders is valuable,” Ellsworth said. “We’re proud to participate in The ITA as a founding member, and contribute our thought leadership to the group. We are revolutionizing the way people interact with and display their digital graphics, and we look forward to working with the alliance to bring more awareness to immersive products like castAR.”

The new group is officially launching at this year’s GDC on 18 March. It’s a private session so no doubt there is some element of sacrificial bloodletting and idol worship taking place.