Oculus Rift vs Headcrabs: Half-Life 2 VR meets Ravenholm

Half-Life 2

The Oculus Rift developer kit is still some distance from its commercial endpoint, but can nevertheless already be found at the gooey centre of some weird and wonderful pieces of kit. Last week we took a look at Project Holodeck, the full-body motion dream turned bullet-dodging, airship-veering reality. Today, there’s new footage of a fully-functional Half-Life 2 VR Ravenholm playthrough to ogle at.

Oculus Rift developer Nathan Andrews has built the mod, which makes use of the Rift’s head-tracking capabilities in conjunction with the Top Shot Elite, a plastic gun controller sold with Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts. Other plastic weaponry is supported, as well as the Xbox 360 controller, but mouse and keyboard is a no-no. That’s because, says Andrews, “analog movement is an absolute must for a good experience with head tracking”.

The mod also removes head-jerking effects, allows you to manually lower Gordon’s gun, and splits Half-Life’s hud into various elements, which fade in and out as necessary. You can download it here.

Andrews is running the FakeFactory Cinematic Mod, which ups texture resolutions, character model definition, lighting effects and whatnot. But otherwise it’s all Half-Life, as directed by Paul Greengrass. Let us know your thoughts, after you’ve revolved your head around this:

Thanks, Shacknews.