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Oculus Rift will support Mac eventually, but Apple needs to prioritise GPU performance

Oculus Rift requirements

Apple Mac owners have been seeing increased gaming support over the last year or so with many Mac supported games finding their way onto Steam. But one thing Apple users can guarantee is that they’ll be left in the cold come VR’s launch. Oculus have explained at E3 that current Macbooks will be unable to support their Rift headset. 

Talking to IGN, Oculus CEO Palmer Luckey said: “It’s not going to work on any Macbook that exists or is known to exist in the near future.”

“One of the things that we actually announced is that we’re putting Mac support on hold for launch, and focusing on Windows. People have said, ‘Why don’t you support Macs? So many people have Macs.” It’s true. A lot of people have Apple hardware, especially in the laptop space. But the GPUs in those, they’re not even close to what we’re pushing for our recommended spec,” he explained.

Luckey isn’t against Mac support though. It’s simply down to Apple not “prioritizing performance in their machines for some time.” The moment Apple start looking at GPU hardware seriously, Oculus will support it.

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