Oculus Share brings the app store to VR users


Proving that it they are without a doubt working on the most exciting thing since 3D graphics cards hit the market, the team behind the Oculus Rift today announced that they’ve launched Oculus Share; a app store-like platform that allows you to self-publish, download, and play games developed specifically for the Rift. 

The platform is currently in beta, but you can see exactly why this is nothing but a good thing. At current many games support Oculus, but Share is a place to go for games and experiences built with VR in mind. It creates a community of virtual reality devs that can publish their work to gather feedback, offer tips and advice to other developers, and to gain inspiration by playing other games.

Like the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, you can rate the software on Share based on quality and VR comfort level. With much of the work offered on Share being VR experiences or tech demos rather than full games, you can also tip in cash developers whose work you want to support.

“Experimentation, iteration, and actual playtesting are at the heart of pushing virtual reality forward,” state the team on the Oculus VR blog. “One of the main goals in building Share was to help developers on all these fronts by creating a centralized community portal for Oculus content. And while it’s simply a sharing service today, over the coming months we’ll work toward making Share an incredible marketplace for Oculus-ready games, experiences, and applications.”

If you’ve got access to an Oculus Rift, it’s now time to head over to Oculus Share and check out what’s available to feed your eyes with. Log in is done with the same details you use for the Oculus Developer Centre.