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Oculus will pre-approve games on the Rift store and rate them for comfort

Oculus Rift store

Oculus has explained that the Oculus Rift store platform for VR games will be curated by Oculus in a manner similar to how Apple approves apps on the App Store. All games will have to be vetted before appearing on the store. They will also be rated for comfort and content to help people understand what kind of experience they’ll be in for. 

Talking to Tech Crunch, Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe said: “Something can be comfortable from a disorientation standpoint, where it doesn’t make me feel bad… it doesn’t have crazy locomotion like a roller coaster. But if it is really, really super intense, we do want to give people warnings about that.”

“Having bullets fly at you in VR is actually really, really intense and the more real it gets, the more it’s going to feel like real life, and you don’t really want to be shot at in real life.

“We’ve gotten really used to it on the 2D monitor because our brain is saying ‘don’t worry, don’t worry, it’s safe.’ As soon as you put on VR and your brain’s not saying that anymore, it’s not necessarily the comfortable experience that it is on a monitor, and we’ll have warnings around that.”

As for the vetting process, Iribe explains that it’s to keep the VR environment at Oculus friendly. “We are going to monitor the content and make sure that it fits the policy we put up which is this safe and clean environment that everyone can know, and love, and trust just like other popular app stores…You’re going to need to be approved first.”

Thanks, Kotaku.