A $200 wireless VR set could be coming from Oculus in 2018

Oculus Rift

Facebook-owned company Oculus are planning to do for VR what Apple did for smartphones, upgrading the tech to make it more appealing to the mass market. VR is finally going wireless and, somehow, it’s also going to be a whole lot cheaper. I knew holding off on the first generation of VR would pay off. 

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While the new headset will be able to work with your PC and your phone, it will do so without wires, according to a Bloomberg report. They’re planning to launch it for around $200 some time in 2018 and is expected to bridge the gap between enthusiast kits and smartphone VR sets.

It’s codenamed ‘Pacific’ and will be primarily used for gaming, video, and social media, being headed up by Facebook and everything. The current design is portable enough to carry in your bag, though that’s subject to change.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg previously spoke of a device that would fill this middle ground. “This is the kind of thing that we believe will exist,” he said during last year’s Oculus developer conference.

If the device releases at the price expected, it’ll be interesting to see what sort of price the expensive first wave of VR sets will be going for late next year.