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Oddworld is going to be New’n’Tasty on PC


Just Add Water have brought along more footage of their Abe’s Oddysee remake to E3, and it’s guaranteed to get your nostalgia glands inflamed. Fifteen years have passed since the original Oddworld game was first launched, and the New’n’Tasty remake has all those years of experience sitting under the hood.

Take a nosey at the above trailer to see the newly remastered levels. If you’re anything like me, you’ll think it looks exactly how you remembered. That’s because your nostalgia gland processes everything in full HD, so be assured back in 1997 it was looking nowhere near this pretty. This updated version has been created in the Unity3D engine, with Just Add Water having reworked the game to be dynamically side-scrolling rather than flipping between individual screens. Not only does this make it a smoother experience, but Just Add Water claims it makes it a “seamless, dynamic and living Oddworld.”

“When we have such powerful tools to hand, you’ll be able to see the horror on Abe’s face as he lands in a new part of Rupture Farms. The world will come alive around you, revealing more uniquely Oddworld creatures, plants and details. Cutscenes have been beautifully remade and animated by previous Oddworld Inhabitants employees” said Daniel Morse, PR & Community Manager of Oddworld Inhabitants, Inc.

No dates or prices have been announced at E3, but Oddworld Inhabitants assure us that we’ll get this news in the coming months.