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Oliver twins open up new studio following closure of Blitz Games

Oliver twins

In mid-September we sadly reported the closure of Blitz Games, the 23 year old British studio responsible for the likes of classic egg platformer Dizzy. The story doesn’t end there though. Blitz co-founders and brothers Phillip and Andrew Oliver have go on to forge a new company from the wreckage of their previous home. 

The new studio, going by the name of Radiant Worlds, is once again located in Leamington Spa, and is now employer to fifty staff. Set up with the help of ex-Blitz COO Richard Smithies, the studio will be continuing work on two projects previously in development at Blitz. What projects these are, as well as what platforms they may appear on, are currently being held a close secret by Radiant Worlds.

The Oliver twins had us all worried for a couple of months there, but it’s great to see one of the UK’s longest-running developers make like the legend of the phoenix.

Thanks, Develop.