The Onion expands into gaming satire with the Onion Gamers Network

After decades as a print-only publication "since our founding in 1947"

Have you heard of Point & Clickbait? It’s awesome, and I’m not just saying that because they’ve written guest posts for us – here, I’ll prove it. It’s probably not the only purveyor of satirical gaming ‘news’ on the internet (fill in this space with jokes about our peers or, indeed, us, at your leisure), but I don’t know that it’s not. Until now.

The Onion, perhaps America’s leading satirical media publication, has expanded into gaming with the Onion Gamers Network. With an acronym, typeface, and logo that clearly nods to IGN, OGN’s debut article explains that after decades of being print-only since their foundation in 1947 – showing remarkable prescience of the need for games journalism – they’ve decided there may be something to the internet after all. Somewhat undoing said prescience.

Fun fact: The Onion did indeed originate as a print publication. It was a weekly paper whose first issue was distributed in Madison, Wisconsin, but in August 1988 rather than 1947. It began publishing online in spring 1996, and expanded into audio and video content in 2007 with the Onion News Network (ONN). Its print edition closed in 2013.

You can find OGN online here or on Facebook here. Among its launch content is concern over crates, but the wooden as opposed to loot-dropping kind, and how videogames present them as unrealistically easy to smash.

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You know, we’re something of a satirist ourselves when the mood takes us. If you like this sort of thing, you might enjoy our exclusive announcement of Total War: Battle Royale, or Point & Clickbait’s guest coverage of a rather suspicious Epic Games Store exclusive.