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Out of Reach is a siege-ready island survival game; 200 Steam keys have washed up on our shores

Out of Reach

It sometimes seems that half of Steam is DayZ’s brood. If that’s true, new multiplayer survival game Out of Reach is a chip off the old block. It’s also about chipping bits off blocks, a la Minecraft. But it’s got its own thing going on: siege weapons with which to disassemble the elaborate shelters of your enemies.

In development in Poland for a year and a half, it’s been warmly received in Early Access – and we might have a spare code to load into a trebuchet and fire into your upturned, waiting face.

Out of Reach takes place on a sun-baked archipelago, which have proven time and again to be the most dangerous landmasses in gaming.

Waking up on the beach after a storm destroys your vessel, you first need to find shelter, then food, and then something to fend off the rest of the shipwrecked. It’s advisable to stay by the shore after spawning to hunt slow-moving animals, but don’t stick around for too long – a lack of cover will make you just as tempting.

Developers Space Boat Studios suggest it’s best to stay on the move until you can build your own settlement, or join another. User reviews describe a fledgling community more collaborative than those seen in DayZ or Rust, so now might be the perfect time to play.

If you’d like to be entered into the draw for a Steam key, please do give us a Facebook Like using the widget below. The email address we ask for is for contacting winners, and nothing else.

If you’re randomly-selected to get a code, you’ll find it in your inbox – from where you’ll want to proceed directly to Steam and redeem it via the ‘activate a product’ box under the ‘Games’ tab.

The giveaway will close at midnight UK time on Sunday June 21st. In the meantime, better head to B&Q to buy wood for those palisades.