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Outlast 2 companion diaper ‘Underscare’ launched on Kickstarter by developer Red Barrels


You did read that right, developer Red Barrels have launched a Kickstarter to fund a special companion diaper to help soak up any terror-induced piss caused by their upcoming horror game, Outlast 2.

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Creatively titled ‘Underscares’, this adult nappy is designed to mop up any possible bowel or bladder evacuations caused while playing Outlast 2. Inspired by the many fans who claimed to soil themselves while playing Red Barrels’ first horror game, these hyper absorbent undergarments are perfect for the incontinent gamer.

Pledges for the basic Underscare starts at 55 Canadian dollars, which does include a Steam key for Outlast 2 but the more frugal backer can simply pledge to get the Underscare design for a measly 10 Canadian dollars. If you are really fancy, you can put your cash towards the deluxe Underscare, which comes with a detachable nightlight and “reinforced waist support”.

None of the money raised from the Kickstarter will go towards the game’s development however, as Outlast’s sequel is 100% funded by the sales of the original game and its Whistleblower DLC. The only thing you’ll miss out on if this campaign fails is the ability to wet yourselves in a nappy with a built in drinks holder. The Underscares have raised $12,533 of its $40,000 goal at time of writing and has until December 8 to reach its target. If you combine the Underscares with the Nosulus Rift and a VR headset, you’ve got the perfect adult baby experience.

Thanks, Eurogamer.