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Tekken 8 and Battlefield inspire big new fighting game you can try now

Take the brutal brawling of Tekken 8 and mix it with the online mayhem of Battlefield, and you get a new fighting game available to try now.

OutRage Fight Fest Steam fighting game: A man in a dinosaur costume from Steam fighting game OutRage Fight Fest

Chaos. Spectacle. Anarchy. When you think back to your best ever Battlefield moments, it’s the sheer bedlam of EA’s shooter that always stands out. Planes soar overhead, vehicles explode and flip over all around you, one guy accidentally detonates his own C4, and wipes your squad. Imagine you could capture the spirit of that multiplayer mayhem, and cross it with the weighty melee combat of Tekken 8 or Street Fighter 5. Available to try right now, a colorful new brawler manages exactly that. This is the pandemonium of online games as expressed through the clenched fist.

OutRage Fight Fest is an upcoming fighting game where movement, skill, and good timing are simply bonuses in your beatdown arsenal. The real weapon here is imagination, and the will to execute wild, almost slapstick maneuvers that your opponents are too cagey to attempt. Sure, you can be tactical – you can be slick. But when your competitor has the simple gall to smack you around the face with a stop sign, maybe they’re going to be the one who emerges victorious.

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Played from an isometric perspective, OutRage Fight Fest drops 16 players into the same, highly interactive arena. Everything is a weapon, there are no rules, and the last person – or team – still standing wins the round. Snatch power ups, chain together combos, or wield the brute, blunt power of a parked car, that you can throw at your opponents to knock them over like so many fleshy bowling pins.

Also inspired by the physics-driven, spontaneous comedy of Gang Beasts and Party Animals, if you want to try OutRage Fight Fest, a new demo has just arrived, and is playable right here. Developer Hardball Games previously described the inspiration behind OutRage, and how the studio wants to make a game that is easy to pick up and play, but still has deep reward and progression systems. While we’re still waiting on a full launch date, we’re hoping to hear more about the future of OutRage very soon.

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