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Overclockers’ 8Pack Asteroid crams an overclocked GTX 980 ti & i7 6700K into the fastest mini-ITX machine available

8Pack Asteroid

Full tower desktop machines are all well and good, but the PC gaming dream is to house all the powerful componentry you could ever want into a non-invasive, compact space. This absurdly powerful overclocked mini-ITX machine from Overclockers UK does exactly that. It’s specced with an overclocked Intel Core i7 6700K running at 4.7GHz, 8GB of DDR4 RAM clocked at 3866MHz, and an NVIDIA GTX 980 ti clocked up to 1450MHz+. As Aladdin’s genie once said: phenomenal cosmic powers – itty bitty living space. Miss you, Mr Williams. 

Like paying attention to numbers? Appreciate seeing a small space used very efficiently? You look like the sort who’d enjoy the best strategy games on PC.

It’s the beefiest mini-ITX system money can buy, which means it also carries a serious price tag: £3989.99 is the starting price. For that, you also get a total of 1.5TB of SSD storage across two drives, and a 1000W PSU.

It’s not just about the specs, though. Buy one of these machines, and you’ll get overclocker 8Pack’s phone number. He’s on call to deal with anything that might go wrong and offer overclocking advice. Sounds like pretty decent customer service.

There are the aesthetics to consider, too. It’s hardly an unassuming mini-ITX case, featuring a striking red hard tubing watercooling loop visible through the window, and 8Pack’s trademark ‘8’ cut into the case exterior. The cabling and cooling are very neat, which is both satisfying to look at and reassuring if you’ve spent the best part of £4,000 on a PC.

Overclockers and 8Pack state that they test every machine strenuously to ensure no dodgy components make it out of the warehouse, and every machine can handle the hefty overclock.

The Asteroid is one of several high-end machines designed and built by 8Pack and distributed by Overclockers – you can see the full range, which includes full tower desktop systems, here.