Codemasters teases the return of Overlord with cryptic tweets

Overlord 3

A tweet from Codemasters may have revealed their diabolical plan to make another Overlord game. Among the telltale hints is another Twitter account created representing Gnarl, the games small and ferocious minion master. 

“Ohhh shi……. RUNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!” reads the tweet, accompanied by the signature Overlord helm.

Here’s the tweet sent out by Codemasters.

No other details have been made clear at this point, but this certainly points to a third Overlord game coming our way from the depths of hell. The original game was released back in 2007, followed by a sequel in 2009, both releasing for PC as well as consoles.

The Gnarl Twitter account has been pretty active, even mentioning Codemasters directly.

Expect a reveal or sorts imminently.

Cheers IGN!