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Forget VR and Wiimotes, the controller of the future is bananas according to this Overwatch streamer

Overwatch banana controller

At least in the lore, Overwatch is about inspiring people to be better. Fly higher. Shoot rockets from your stomach. Huff toxic gasses to heal yourself. Twitch streamer Rudeism, who has something of a reputation for odd control schemes after DDR dance padding himself to level 100 in World of Warcraft earlier this year, decided to take that to heart and design a system that allowed him to control his computer – and therefore Overwatch’s signature hyper-intelligent moon-base gorilla Winston – using a batch of bananas. 

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As your old physics teacher will tell you, many objects can conduct electricity, and bananas are rather good at it. Set enough of them up – a dozen in this case – and you have a rudimentary control scheme once they’re mapped to forward, jump, shoot and so on. After a couple of hours, Rudeism was even getting rather good:

He probably won’t be going pro any time soon, but as far as his antics into “playing games wrong”, this is the most impressive he’s managed. Dylan, if you prefer, is a game designer by day and seems to spend most of the rest of his time coming up with super-strange ways to control videogames. Obviously, he tried peanut butter but it didn’t work as well.

The full archive is below if you’d like to spend 2.5 hours watching a man struggle with the limits of reality itself while being almost bludgeoningly positive about the whole situation.

Thanks, Polygon.