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Be stronk like Overwatch’s Zarya and disintegrate your foes with a giant laser cannon

Overwatch Zarya

The Overwatch character previews just keep coming, and this time we’re privy to the point of view from Zarya – a strong Russian-born gladiator whose weapon of choice produces quite the lightshow.

Check out the trailer below for a peek inside the eyes of Zarya, who’s defending a Point Capture in the great Temple of Anubis.

Few can withstand the blast from her cannon, especially when its damage is amped thanks to her absorption shield. She can put the shield on both herself and her allies, which can negate good chunk of damage. Enemies will then have to chose whether to ignore the shielded target – to avoid amping up Zarya – or to try and burst them down quickly.

Her ultimate ability is pretty chaotic – throwing out a gravity well which will pull in all enemies caught within its radius. Perfect for setting up team fights.