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Donald Trump painted as terrible Overwatch player in Nuisance Committee billboard campaign

Trump Hanzo

We’ve all been there. We just want to break that losing streak. Get out of Silver League. Feel good about our time spent playing competitive Overwatch. Then there he comes – the Hanzo main. He goes two assists for three deaths, is too busy pulling the string back on his dragon to stand on the point and then complains about a bad team comp. “The pros play Hanzo” he says, presumably referencing his mate who has made it to the unthinkable heights of mid-Gold.

According to the new campaign from The Nuisance Committee, he’s also Donald Trump.

For what’s actually happening in-game, check the latest episode of Overwatch This.

They’ve gone as far as erecting a billboard to the man’s failings as an Overwatch player, as spotted on Twitter:

They’ve also set up a website, explaining that Trump is regular in his use of excuses for losing such as his team letting him down, the controller breaking and his screen having input delay. All this and some absolutely incredible art over on TrumpIsNotATeamPlayer.com. Their conclusion is that the Hillary Clinton campaign – with its ‘Stronger Together’ message – is far more suited for winning a game of Overwatch. Oh, and taking the presidency.

The Nuisance Committee is a project co-founded by Max Temkin, one of the co-creators of Cards Against Humanity, and exists to spread negative press about Trump and his actions. Their other works include TrumpDoesntPayHisTaxes.com and another massive billboard with the same message.