Overwatch’s hitboxes have been improved in the PTR – now match character models more closely


It seems like Overwatch’s hitboxes are being improved in the upcoming patch, as players are finding some noticeable improvements in the PTR. 

For the nitty gritty on the latest Overwatch PTR, check out that link. 

We saw some reports that hitboxes were much improved in the PTR, so our Ben took Hanzo onto the firing range to test it out. Here are the results:

The start of the video shows Ben firing arrows right up to the training dummies, but not quite on target, and seeing the arrows fly past. When he switches to the live build, you can see the hitboxes are much wider, so it definitely looks like they’ve been tidied up.

There was no mention of this in the PTR notes, so it could be a bug, but we think that’s probably unlikely. If it is, it’s a good bug and Blizzard should call it a feature. The new hitboxes match the character models much more closely. Poor Hanzo.

In the community at large, other videos are popping up. Here’s Hanzo perfoming near misses on a live target, and here’s Mei on the firing range.