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Overwatch’s Lego Bastion skin even has Lego sound effects

Bastion's Brick Challenge is underway

Blizzard has released a brand new skin for your favourite DPS almost-tank, Bastion, in a collaboration with Lego. Built to look just like a kid’s toy, this new skin is only available for a short period of time in the Bastion’s Brick Challenge running from September 17 to 30.

Despite Overwatch making use of loot boxes for cosmetics, you’ll have no luck finding the skin with ‘surprise mechanics’. Instead you can earn your blocky stripes through winning nine games in quick play, competitive or arcade. Win three games, and you’ll earn Bastion and Ganymede player icons. Win six games and you’ll be gifted Pharah and Mercy sprays, and win the aforementioned nine, the ‘Brick Skin’ for Bastion is yours.

The event doesn’t just end there, depending on the hours you can dedicate to the game in the next week or so, you can earn sprays and player icons inspired by the Lego collaboration. Role queue implementation has seen hefty match wait times, especially if you’re looking to play some DPS. Instead of twiddling your thumbs and sounding off in global chat, Blizzard has set up official Twitch streamers for you to go watch so your Overwatch itch gets a little scratch.

The more you watch, the more cosmetics you’ll earn. Two hours for a D.Va spray, four for both Widowmaker and Tracer icons, and six for sprays and icons of both Genji and Hanzo.

If it looks too good to be true, then you might not believe your ears either. Not only does Bastion look like Lego, but he sounds like Lego too. In a video uploaded to Reddit all audible actions performed by Bastion are now accompanied by rattling and clunking in the style of the lovable plastic bricks. Instead of bullets you’ll see tiny, yet vicious, Lego pieces pelted across at enemy teams.

Despite the product placement being incredibly obvious, I don’t think anyone can stay mad at one of the cutest skins around.