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Manchester United reportedly in bidding war with Fnatic over Overwatch team

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English football side Manchester United are reportedly in a bidding war with eSports organisation Fnatic for an Overwatch team.

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According to a report by Dominic Sacco of eSports News UK, the football giant approached the team who are already under sponsorship, before Fnatic entered with their own counter-offer.

This prompted Manchester United, one of the most well-financed clubs in the English Premier League, to submit a further counter-offer against the eSports giant – headquartered in London.

Sacco reports that a source close to negotiations said United were 'unfazed' by the negotiations, though a third unnamed organisation is also interested in the team.

This is an English football club's first foray into team eSports (West Ham having picked up a solitary FIFA player, Sean "Dragonn" Allen) though both German and Spanish clubs have entered the scene recently. Bundesliga club FC Schalke picked up a League of Legends side while Valencia CF has taken on four Spanish Hearthstone players in the past week.

There are currently British players in the Overwatch competitive scene, including Creation eSports' Seb "numlocked" Barton, a veteran Team Fortress 2 pro with several LAN successes under his belt.

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Shriven Avatar
1 Year ago

Ed Woodward might know feck all about football but he knows his marketing.

xNuke Avatar
1 Year ago

I'm not a big fan of ManU, but hell as a footy fan I'd be thrilled to play for them!