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Ana puts her foes to sleep in a mini-movie hidden in the Overwatch store

An Overwatch player has discovered a mini-movie hiding within Ana's intro highlights


Ana has been around in Overwatch for more than two years, but it’s taken until now for players to notice that there’s a mini-movie built into the hero’s intro highlights clips. As one Overwatch player pointed out on the game’s subreddit, if you play four of Ana’s highlights in the right order, you can combine them into a 13-second film.

Starting with the hero’s ‘Under Fire’ intro, Ana leaps into the fight and whips out her Biotic Rifle, which blends into the ‘Locked On’ intro, as she aims down her sights and takes a shot. From there, there’s a seamless transition into the ‘Guardian’ animation, as Ana wheels round and whips out her Sleep Dart.

After that, things change perspective, as the victim of Ana’s dart starts to feel a little drowsy. The hero walks into shot, leans in close, and shushes them, before the screen fades to black, and the ‘movie’ comes to an end. You can check it out in its entirety tanks to the Reddit post embedded a little further down this article.

It’s a pretty impressive set of animations (although the fact that it’s all recorded with Ana dressed up in her summery Cabana skin might detract from the experience a little).

I just realized if you play Ana’s highlights in the right order, they make a mini-movie! from r/Overwatch

You can check out the movie in the gif embedded above. Elsewhere in Overwatch, the game’s Halloween Terror event is in full swing, bring spooky new skins for Doomfist, Mei, Pharah, and Widowmaker, as well as several other heroes.