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The best Overwatch Plays of the Game

Play of the Day

If there’s one thing we have concrete proof of it’s that Overwatch players love especially adept Plays of the Game. Be they smart ultimate uses, funny happenstance, or lots of people falling off a cliff all at once, they – and the wider internet – can’t get enough of eliminations upon eliminations. And we’re collecting the best, all in convenient gif format.

Who to get these kills with? Try some of the best Overwatch characters.

Want to see yours featured? Feel free to email any particularly flashy plays, in the format of a gfycat link, to [email protected] and we’ll source from there as much as elsewhere.

For now, on to the plays:

For All The Healing In The World by SpiritJuice

Mercy Rez? Lucio Sound Barrier? No problem.

Burnout by Rokiv

For when your RIP tire needs that Nitro Boost.

McCree Does It Allby Ultroz

Well, that’s just never happening again, is it? Ult or no, quite the full clear.

Zenyatta the Destroyer by Indemnify

It’s not often you see a PoTG that’s not from an ult, but this player shows us all how it’s done with a graceful death dance as a badass Zenyatta.

Death From Aboveby Keplo

The Genji ‘edge boost‘ tech being shown for its ultimate application here. We predict an incoming Blizzard nerf/bug hunt.

This Is Reinhardt’s Corridorby Kenshin

Crushed. Literally crushed. Jesus, calm down Reinhardt.

Always Have A Planby Watashimyth

It’s about knowing you can save everyone, if you just try hard enough and are willing to sacrifice.

Zarya Waves Them Off by Smuffler

Who said Zarya couldn’t boop, or see through walls, or wave off her enemies as they fall to their death?

Teams? Who Needs Teams?by Treaux

As a Genji on defence (wat?) why should you care that your entire team just got wiped on the final point? Get in there!

Justice Rains From…Below?by Snoopjesus

Sometimes you have to go to extreme lengths to not let the enemy where your rockets are coming from.

A Little Help From My Enemiesby Alternit

Steeled to sacrifice himself for a decent Mercy pick, Reinhardt finds himself a surprising ally to help him put the rest of the team down for good too. You the real MVP, Roadhog.

Real High Noonby Doughvahkiin

Make sure to kill the McCree, kill him, not bounce him, or it all goes really, really wrong.

Mercy Shows No Mercy byHorazon

Mercy isn’t exactly know for bringing the pain, but she takes on a raging Reinhardt and manages to revive her team in the capture zone in this brilliant PoTG.

Bastion Rains From Aboveby Wildbutter

One allied ultimate, one flying transforming robot, and one incredibly dead team – good show everyone.

Fly My Prettiesby Darius

How good can a conc shot be? This good. This is how good. We call that value, my friends.

Swords > Teamsby Alexandress

This is why men with swords controlled most of the world for the majority of history. In cyborg ninja suits.

The Flanking Show with Zarya and Pharahby Murph

Reinhardt shields normally stop Zarya ults from being too effective. Not today.

Pharah’s Sneak Attackby Photo

Flying under the ground really makes you think. And enemy teams die. Mostly the second thing.

Boop, the new fragrance from D.Vaby Yablargo

The mech can get plays of the game without blowing itself up? Who knew?!

Spray First, Kill Laterby Feign

Not the normal order of kill spree and spray paint here, but whatever works for you, Reaps.

Air Roadhog by Chachi

Horrendous betrayal of his brohog by Chachi here, after all that hooking effort for the stunning save. Shame.

The Shutdownby Kael

Sometimes it’s your mission, no, your right to make sure everyone else is having as bad a time as possible.

Widowmaker Says Noby Justadreamer

Turns out snipers who can aim are quite deadly. Shame they’re never, ever on my team.

That’s our initial collection – we’ll be back regularly to update with all the best we see, since we’re spending our entire time watching them anyway. Think we’ve missed a great one, or you can do better? Put your submissions to [email protected].