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Overwatch’s Blizzard World and cosmetics update: every new skin and emote


Overwatch’s latest update is live, and alongside a free ticket to Blizzard World that means plenty of new skins, emotes, sprays, and highlight intros. Blizzard have been teasing the best parts of the cosmetics update all week. The new skins all cost the same as any standard Legendary or Epic – no special event prices here.

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Overwatch Blizzard World Legendary Skins

Doomfist – Blackhand

D.va – Black Cat

Hanzo – Kabuki

Lucio – Capoeira

Mei – Ecopoint

Orisa – Immortal

Pharah – Asp

Reinhardt – Crusader

Roadhog – Butcher

Torbjorn – Magni Bronzebeard

Widowmaker – Nova

Zarya – Barbarian

Overwatch Blizzard World Epic Skins

Junkrat – Caution

McCree – Royal

Reaper – Hellfire

Symmetra – Peacock

Zenyatta – Carbon Fiber

Overwatch Blizzard World Emotes

Genji – Whirlwind

Mercy – Parasol

Moira – Facepalm

Tracer – Bomb Spin

Sombra – Marioneta

Overwatch Blizzard World Highlight Intros

Ana – Under Fire

Bastion – Reconfigure

Soldier 76 – Lights Out

Winston – Roll