Watch Brigitte wreck Winston, Tracer, and Overwatch’s dive meta

Overwatch young Brigitte

In his video introducing Brigitte, Overwatch’s latest hero, Jeff ‘from the Overwatch team’ Kaplan says that she might shake up the meta in a few interesting ways. The community have been playing around with her on the PTR, and some of streamer Emongg’s followers have clipped some footage that shows just how radical her impact might be.

Click here for a rundown of Brigitte’s kit in Overwatch.

The most telling clips are against Tracer and Winston – two of the defining heroes of the ‘dive’ compositions that currently dominate the meta. Here’s Emongg taking out a full-health Tracer with a quick combo:

And here he is slapping Winston out of the sky after he tries his leap:

Dive comps are defined by mobile characters able to pounce on key enemy characters – typically their supports – before they can react, then mopping up the rest of the team once an advantage has been won.

Winston is often the linchpin of such comps, thanks to his ability to leap a good distance very quickly and isolate enemy characters from their healers with his bubble. That Brigitte is able to slap him backward and down with a well-placed skill shot is a hard counter to his ability to initiate fights, which is crucial to dive. Tracer is a prime choice of DPS thanks to her agility and fast-charging ult, and Brigitte clearly has a solution to her as well.

For everyone complaining that dive has made Overwatch stale: here’s your answer.