Even more Brigitte nerfs coming in the latest Overwatch PTR

Overwatch Brigitte

Update, May 4: Still think Brigitte is still OP? Blizzard have more nerfs in store.

Brigitte’s been a powerful pick since her introduction, and a big chunk of players would agree that she’s too powerful. Blizzard have been rolling out a series of nerfs to bring her back in line with the rest of the heroes going back months now, but they’re still making some tweaks. The latest wasn’t in the first build for the 1.24 PTR, but will be there soon.

Find out everything that’s happening in Overwatch patch 1.24.

On the Battle.net forums, Geoff Goodman confirms that the cooldown on Brigitte’s Shield Bash will be increased to 6 seconds from 5. “We’ll keep an eye on her to make sure she is still in a good place, as the last thing we want to do is over nerf her.”

The nerfs currently look like this:


    • Maximum armour per player reduced to 100 from 150.

Shield Bash

    • Cooldown increased to 6 seconds from 5.

The biggest chunk of Brigitte nerfs came when she was still in testing, but Blizzard are still knocking her down a bit here and there. The recent 1.23 patch reduced the cone angle of her Shield Bash, which Blizzard say made the ability “more accurate to its visual representation.”

Original story, March 4:Brigitte may have been a touch OP when she showed up this week on Overwatch’s PTR servers, particularly from the perspective of Tracer players, and Blizzard have toned down her abilities as a result.

In her first nerf, which came days after she debuted on the test servers, Brigitte’s shield bash and rocket flail are getting adjustments. As a combo, the abilities could kill Tracer outright, without Tracer having a chance to escape or respond.

Blizzard haven’t changed Brigitte’s damage values, but rather have adjusted the timing for the shield bash, and added a delay after canceling a melee swing with Brigitte’s rocket flail. Her ultimate ability, Rally, also costs more.

Here are Blizzard’s notes on the update:

Shield Bash

  • Added a small delay before her shield drops after a Shield Bash
  • Added a vertical speed cap after Shield Bash
  • Please note that we are still tuning this value

Rocket Flail

  • Canceling a melee swing renders you unable to melee again until it would have completed had it not been canceled


  • Ultimate cost increased by ~30%


  • Decreased cooldown from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds

You can check out the full patch notes here.