Blizzard bring the banhammer down on another wave of Chinese Overwatch players

Reinhardt Ban Hammer

In their efforts to crack down on cheaters in Overwatch, Blizzard have released a new list of banned players on its Chinese forum. These players are now permanently banned from playing Overwatch on those IDs, requiring them to buy a brand new copy if they want to play again. It’s certainly one way Blizzard can make a mint from dedicated hackers and cheaters.

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As opposed to other regions like North America or Europe, Blizzard China are obligated to name and shame these hackers, which results in one of these ban threads appearing every few months. While the players listed in this forum post may not be able to play, be warned that you may experience some disruption to your Overwatch play, as DDoS attacks on Blizzard’s servers usually occur after the release of ban lists like this.

One upside to this hacker crackdown that these ban lists contain some fantastic IDs. Reddit users over on r/overwatch have taken to translating some of the names into English, resulting in both horror and hilarity. Stand out names include the pleading 壮士请先杀我队友#51272 or “plz kill my teammates first”, the cocky 别说我是掛实力强#5274 or “This aint cheat this is skill” and the threatening 竞技玩狂鼠死全家#5813 or “Play Junkrat in Comp and Your Whole Family Dies.” I’m glad I don’t have to mess with that last guy.

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