Competitive Elimination is now live in Overwatch

Overwatch Elimination

Blizzard have added a new competitive game mode to Overwatch. A short-term competitive Elimination season is live now, and will run for the next three weeks.

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Elimination is one of Overwatch’s arcade modes, in which the goal, as the name may suggest, is to eliminate the enemy team. Each player has one life per round, and rounds are won by the team with the last players left alive. Competitive Elimination will be played with the ‘lockout’ rule in place, meaning that the winning team’s heroes are removed from the hero pool at the end of the round.

This is the second short-term competitive season Blizzard have brought to Overwatch this year. In February, Competitive Capture the Flag was introduced to the game alongside the beginning of the Overwatch’s Lunar New Year event. The competitive variant of the game proved popular, and Jeff Kaplan said Blizzard were looking to add more competitive modes to the game.

Competitive Elimination is live now, and will run until 0:00 UTC on May 8 (17:00 PDT on May 7). To play, simply select the Competitive Elimination card in the game’s arcade.