Cooler Master form all-female Overwatch esports team with MBT in Malaysia


A collaboration between Malaysian Battlefield Team (MBT) and Cooler Master has led to the formation of a new all-girl Overwatch esports team called MBT.Valkyrie. 

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Cooler Master will be supporting the team with their wide product range, with their logo emblazoned across the front of the team’s branded t-shirts.

The Battlefield-maining MBT and Cooler Master have been in partnership for a year now, with a focus on building up the Malaysian esports scene, injecting it with new talent. MBT took first prize in the MSI Overwatch Open Tournament 2017.

MBT.Valkyrie’s formation will hopefully pave the way for a more diverse and interesting esports scene. Here are the team’s members:

  • Sylvia “Yue” Yap
  • Elaine “Bloodyrukia” Chern
  • Alice “EvieNya” Chong
  • Angeline “iCaramel” Chan
  • Tan “GrilledKoi” Yen Li
  • Amanda “Hamlet” Yow
  • Yuukii “Kusochii” Yong