Don’t play the objective in Overwatch’s new free-for-all and team deathmatch modes

Overwatch Uprising

Blizzard have launched a new Arcade mode in the Overwatch PTR, adding free-for-all and team deathmatch battles for eight (or 12 in TDM) players to duke it out. It’ll feature an all-new scoreboard so you can track your kills. In free-for-all, first to 20 kills takes the win. For team games, it’s first to 30 kills.

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To cater for deathmatch, Blizzard have tweaked a bunch of existing maps for the game mode. On top of that, they’re also releasing a new map, custom built.

The new map boasts tight corridors for Reaper, open air for Pharah, jump pads, and more. Basically, there should be plenty of opportunity for the full roster to get the most out of their specific moveset.

As ever, it’ll also have plenty of lore to dig into between dodging bullets. You see, this map is Widowmaker’s family estate in France. It’s built specifically for free-for-alls.

It will be interesting to see a meta form around deathmatches, particularly in team mode where a resurrecting Mercy can revive kill tickets with a well-placed ult.