Twitch Prime members can now get five free Overwatch loot boxes

golden loot box overwatch

Update August 11, 2017: Continuing their partnership with Amazon and Twitch, Blizzard are offering another batch of free loot boxes for Overwatch players with an active Twitch Prime subscription. 

If you’re eligable (an Amazon Prime account will do), you can now open five standard loot boxes for free. No golden loot box this time, I’m afraid.

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Each box will guarantee you one rare item or above, so cross your fingers and toes for a rare or a legendary. You have until September 10 to redeem the prizes. Another batch will be given away in October.

Original Story June 20, 2017: If you’re signed up to Amazon or Twitch Prime, there’s some free Overwatch loot waiting for you right now, and you’re guaranteed to get a legendary.

Now, for the hard facts. The Golden Loot Box is guaranteed to contain at least one legendary, though they won’t be from any seasonal events. You can also only redeem one per Overwatch account, so no tapping up your family for spares.

Over on Reddit, away from the facts, there are also a bunch of people saying that the box guarantees no duplicate, though I can’t find an official source on that anywhere – evidence seems to be purely anecdotal.

On top of the Golden Box, your Prime membership will also get you five standard Loot Boxes in August and the same again in October.

You only have a limited time to grab the deal, so head over to the Twitch Prime page now and redeem.