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Jeff Kaplan’s favorite Overwatch couples are Pharmercy and McHanzo

jeff kaplan pharmercy

People love the characters of Overwatch – almost as much as they enjoy making the characters of Overwatch love each other. Shipping has been a part of the community from the very start, from innocent romantic pairings to an inescapable deluge of smut. But what kind of ships are going on inside Blizzard?

We rate more on gameplay abilities than romantic compatability, but we say these are the best Overwatch heroes.

In a brief interview for Blizzard’s All Access panel at BlizzCon, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan says that whatever ships the team thinks of, the internet’s are always way better.

Pressed for a favorite, Kaplan said that Pharmercy and McHanzo are his top picks. He recommended searching Twitter if you’re haven’t heard of either of those, but I’m not sure I can make the same recommendation. Stay safe out there, kids.

Asked to pick a favorite character, Kaplan had some typical proud dad reticence. He says he goes through waves of favoritism, with Zarya’s new 80s costume inspiring a boombox-toting binge with her. I can’t really blame ya, Jeff.