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“I don’t care how many asses I have to spank.” Fake Jeff Kaplan is tired of toxicity

jeff kaplan

Some video trickery suggests that Jeff Kaplan has some tough love to offer the Overwatch community. A supercut, stitching together clips from several of Kaplan’s developer updates, seems to show that Blizzard’s vice president has had enough of the community’s bad behaviour.

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The video is based on the message of the recent Play Nice, Play Fair development update video, in which Kaplan discusses in-game toxicity, plans to reduce it, and how players can help. It all starts off innocently enough, and I’ll confess I didn’t fully realise what I was watching for about 15 seconds.

The video suggests that Kaplan has become very distressed by the rising bad behaviour, saying “this just isn’t the Overwatch community I fell in love with.” He goes on to suggest that if behaviour doesn’t improve, “not even a team of six pro mercy mains would be able to resurrect this community.”

I’ll let you watch the rest of the video, which you can check out above, for yourself. While it might be very funny, it does touch on some important points. For instance, Blizzard announced this week that consistent bad behaviour would start leading to permanent competitive bans.