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Overwatch now lets you make the objective marker transparent

overwatch waypoint option

Overwatch’s Year of the Dog launched earlier today, bringing a brand new map and a new set of legendary skins. It also brings a number of smaller updates, including a very useful UI option that should make your matches just a little bit easier.

Concerned about the latest Mercy nerfs? Don’t be.

There’s now a waypoint opacity slider in the game options, letting you turn objective markers however transparent you want them to be. No more will your aim be obscured by a massive indicator. No longer shall the payload cover the action. And no more will your view of your favorite emote be at all distracted.

Just, uh, remember to push the payload, okay?

It’s not the only quality of life change hitting alongside today’s update. You can also now change skins at the start of a match, so you’ll always make the best impression. Stay snazzy.