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Orisa comes to Overwatch today, or next week in competitive - here’s what you need to know

Overwatch Orisa release date

Orisa, Overwatch’s new quadruped tank, has been in the PTR for slightly longer than usual, with Blizzard doing their best to ensure she’s balanced before releasing her into the wild. 

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Orisa release date

Orisa will be added to the live game with patch 1.9 on March 21, but you’ll need to wait a little longer if you fancy using her in competitive season four. Principal designer Scott Mercer says “we want to give players some time to learn about and play Orisa before she’s placed into the crucible of competitive play”.

You can practice with her in quick play, the arcade, and play vs AI – use the competitive rule set in a custom game to get your eye in for the new season.

Mercer’s post says Orisa is disabled for one week of competitive play, meaning she’ll be added on March 28.

Orisa Base stats:

  • Health: 200
  • Armor: 200

Orisa weapon – Fusion Driver

A rapid-fire projectile weapon that slows Orisa’s movement speed while firing. Some stats:

  • Projectile weapon (absorbed by D.Va defense matrix)
  • 12 damage per shot, shot speed is66.66 meters per second
  • 12 rounds per second, 144 DPS, can headshot
  • 150 ammo per clip
  • 2.5 seconds to reload
  • Slows movement to 2.75 meters per second

A solid tool for putting damage out, though better during sustained encounters than close-range brawls and unlikely to out-DPS a Reaper or Roadhog at those ranges.

Orisa right click – Halt!

Orisa right click Halt ability

Fires an orb that can be reactivated to perform a mini-graviton surge, pulling enemies towards it. This also occurs if it impacts a surface. Enemies pulled will also be slowed for a short moment. Stats:

  • 0.3 second ‘cast’ time.
  • Moves at 20 m/s.
  • Pulls anything within 7.5 meter radius.
  • 0.6 second time from second activation / impact to pull trigger.
  • Orb can move through barriers, pull effect does not.
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds.

An extremely useful tool, particularly for flashy environmental kills. Has the whiff of the OP about it.

Orisa shift – Fortify

Orisa shift Fortify ability

Reduces all damage Orisa takes and makes her immune to crowd control for a short period. Stats:

  • Duration: 4 seconds
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds (begins after effect expires)
  • Damage reduction: 50%
  • Unique effects:
    • Will ignore CC component of, but still take damage from:
      • Ana: Sleep Dart
      • D.Va: Boosters, Self-Destruct
      • Junkrat: Concussion Mine, Steel Trap
      • Lúcio: Soundwave
      • Mei: Endothermic Blaster, Blizzard
      • McCree: Flashbang
      • Pharah: Rocket Launcher
      • Reinhardt: Earthshatter
      • Roadhog: Chain Hook, Whole Hog
      • Symmetra: Sentry Turrets
      • Winston: Primal Rage melee attacks
      • Zarya: Graviton Surge
    • Meanwhile these have no effect whatsoever:
      • Orisa: Halt!
      • Pharah: Concussive Blast
      • Reinhardt: Charge – in fact, Rein will be stunned and take 170 damage if he charges a Fortified Orisa.
  • Can be hacked during Fortify, but does not cancel the effect.

A good survivability tool, and one that will scupper a few classic combos. Orisa’s lower HP and armor values mean timing this well is going to be vital.

Orisa E – Protective Barrier

Orisa E Protective Barrier ability

Fires a shield a short distance, that operates like a remote version of Reinhardt’s shield. Deets:

  • Duration: 20 seconds
  • Cooldown: 12 seconds, starts on-use meaning two shields can be up at once
  • Health: 900, visible on Orisa’s UI (For comparison, Winston’s bubble has 600 HP, Rein’s shield has 2,000)
  • Despite the device being a projectile while in flight, Defense Matrix and Deflect have no effect.

An actual challenge to Reinhardt’s team-protecting abilities, though with some obvious flaws versus his attempts. Does rather leave Winston out in the cold.

Orisa Ultimate – Supercharger

Orisa ultimate Supercharger ability

Orisa places a device on the ground that increases the damage output of everyone within the area and in line of sight. The device can be targetted and destroyed by opponents. Stats:

  • Charge: 1725 points.
  • Duration: 15 seconds.
  • Health: 200
  • Damage bonus: +50%
  • Area: 25 meter radius, within LOS
  • Cast time: 1 second
  • Sombra’s hack will shut it down

Extremely powerful ultimate for clearing out enemies, but has a lot of counter-play to it and no in-built CC effect or other way to stop your team being killed. Does effect Orisa herself, so prepare to carry hard.

Here’s her making of video:

The video shows Orisa’s creation, from early prototypes to work on her animations. When she was first being playtested, she was just Zarya with Bastion’s turret, which is an amazing bit of trivia.

Orisa enters live on March 21. Is she your new main?