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Blizzard “actively working on” fixing Overwatch’s reporting system

Overwatch reporting

Blizzard are currently in the middle of fixing up Overwatch’s reporting system, making it so people aren’t as likely to report other players for simply doing something they don’t like. 

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Some players are claiming to have been reported for playing as unpopular heroes – in essence, being chastised for using characters Blizzard intended to be used.

These reports result in accounts being silenced, meaning those reported players can’t contribute to their teams via chat.

“We’re actively working on this right now,” game director Jeff Kaplan said on the forums.

“It’s going to take some time for all of the changes we want to do to get implemented. But starting in Patch 1.5 you’ll start to see the early beginnings of change to the reporting system. More changes will come in subsequent patches.”

There are lots of replies to the original poster Kaplan was responding to, with many suggesting they deserve to be reported for playing as Symmetra. Ah, videogame communities.

It seems Symettra is pretty much universally hated at the moment, but that could all change when she comes back with significant tweaks in the coming months.