Overwatch’s Retribution event shares more lore with successive playthroughs

overwatch retribution comic blackwatch moira skin

Overwatch’s Retribution event will unfold more of the game’s lore each time you play its story mode, say Blizzard, just as the event is due to go live.

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The news comes from assistant game director Aaron Keller, who says the following of the event’s story mode:

“Each time you play it, after you’ve played it the first time, you get more and more story through voiceover. We’ve recorded a bunch of additional dialogue and each time you run through it the characters will talk about different pieces of the story, whether it’s this particular story or pieces of their own stories.”

It didn’t take long for Overwatch’s millions of players to develop an appetite for its lore. Last year’s Uprising event was Blizzard’s first serious in-game attempt to sate this appetite, and Retribution looks set to build upon its foundations.

In one playthrough, “you might get the normal story, but next time you might get the Moira playthrough where they really go into detail about Moira, or Genji, or Gabriel Reyes,” Keller says. “Hopefully it provides a lot of replayability, and an avenue for people who are really interested in the lore to learn more each time they play.”