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Overwatch’s Bastion is a tank-robot that’s going to blast your enemies to pieces

Overwatch Bastion

In the latest of Blizzard’s full-match videos from Overwatch, robotic character Baston takes centre stage. He’s an interesting machine; able to transform between a collection of different modes to allow various approaches to combat. He’s also got a fancy self-repair, making him quite the self-sufficient soldier. 

Bastion’s default mode is Recon, which allows him to run around the battlefield with a submachine gun arm that can rattle away for medium-range damage. For something with a little more punch though, Bastion can unfold into a stationary Sentry configuration where he becomes a gun turret. With a gattling gun and forward-facing shield, he can mow down enemies quickly.

If that’s just not enough, then Bastion can extend wheels and treads and deploy a long-range cannon that fires explosive shells. This tank mode can only be sustained for a limited time, but it’s pretty darn powerful.