Overwatch This episode 52: can the UK win the World Cup?

Overwatch This episode 52

Claiming the gold and taking the crown, it’s the latest episode of Overwatch This. In an esports special we sat down with two members of the UK Overwatch World Cup team and talked about the tournament, their chances and a little on the game itself. Plus: a bonus intro.

For more esports, here’s our info-dump on the Overwatch League.

Here’s what’s on the discussion menu:

  • How confident are they going into the finals?
  • Can anyone defeat South Korea?
  • Is Overwatch a viable esport?

Big questions only, that’s how we do things. If you enjoyed please do subscribe to our YouTube for more. Our intro this week was by the fantastic Stylosa. We’ll have plenty in the run-up to BlizzCon that you’ll want to see.