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Overwatch This episode nine: Symmetra’s big changes plus the cancelled graphic novel

Overwatch This Episode 9

Building a teleporter to your eyeballs, it’s the ninth episode of Overwatch This. Just the two major topics today but they’re biggies, with one large announcement coming late last week about Overwatch: First Strike and Symmetra hitting the PTR after a couple of months of redesign work behind closed doors. And yes, we do keep accidentally typing ‘Sombra’ when talking about a new female character entering test after a long wait.

For the details on Symmetra’s buffs, check our dedicated post.

Firing the Photon Discussion Wall today is:

  • A huge redesign to Symmetra to make her better, well, everywhere without removing her unique abilities.
  • Overwatch: First Strike, the first of what was meant to be a series of graphic novels, has been cancelled. We talk what we think happened and why.

You know the drill: subscribe to our YouTube channel and you’ll immediately become significant percentage points better at Overwatch. We’ve also got loads more gaming goodness for your eyeballs and eardrums over there.

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